As2021 Conference is taking shape

As2021 Conference is taking shape

As2021 Congress is taking shape

Anyone who is working with arsenic on a professional basis must be in Wageningen (the Netherlands) next summer. From 7 to 9 June 2021, the eighth edition of the “International Congress & Exhibition on Arsenic in the Environment” will take place there: As2021. The themes of the congress have been chosen and abstracts can now be submitted.

“We expect more than 300 participants,” says Bert van der Wal, looking ahead to June 2021. Van der Wal is Head of Water Technology at Evides and chairman of the As2021 organizational committee. “All experts in the field of arsenic technology, arsenic policy and arsenic problems will come together. It will mainly be a scientific congress with researchers from all over the world. But it is also the international stage for companies to present new technologies.”

Congress is starting to live
In 2018, at the end of the As congress in China, the Netherlands was presented as the host country for the 2021 edition. Immediately thereafter, the organizing committee started the preparations. This involved visiting potential locations and putting together the scientific committee and the contours of the program. A few weeks ago, the website went live and abstracts could be submitted. The congress is now really starting to come to life. This is also thanks to the themes that form the pillars of the congress.

Five themes
As2021 has one main theme: Bridging Science to Practice for Sustainable Development. This includes five sub-themes:

  • Arsenic in Natural Soil and Water Systems
  • Arsenic in Agriculture and Food Production
  • Health Impacts of Arsenic
  • Technologies for Arsenic Removal from Water
  • Sustainable Mitigation and Management for Sustainable Development

Van der Wal: “We explore each theme in depth. What has happened in these areas lately? What is going on at the moment? What about policy and sustainable developments? It is all covered.”

Young researchers
In addition to the established names, the organization wants to attract as many young researchers as possible to As2021. To this end, it is still looking for sponsor contributions from companies that want to pay the registration fees and airline tickets for these researchers. “This mainly concerns young researchers who must travel a great distance to come to the Netherlands, from countries where the arsenic problems are the most serious. It is very important that delegates from these countries can participate in the congress.”

Although the Netherlands is not a country with arsenic problems, according to Van der Wal, Wageningen is an ideal location for this global event. “We have a lot of knowledge. In the Netherlands, for example, it has been agreed that drinking water should contain virtually no arsenic. The experience and knowledge we’ve gained in order to achieve this can be valuable worldwide. Researchers at Wageningen University also work on agriculture, food and water on a daily basis, all of which are areas that are directly related to the arsenic problem. In short, Wageningen fits perfectly with As2021.”

Abstract submission!
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