Selection criteria paper and poster submission

Selection criteria paper and poster submission


Presentations must be in plain English and clearly define the objectives, status, methodology, findings and significance of the investigation or study.


Does the subject matter fit the theme of the congress? Is the work interesting and likely to prompt discussion at the congress? To be accepted for presentation a proposal needs to deal with breakthrough technology, new concepts or novel applications of established concepts. You can describe improvements to existing theories and present new data to support them.

Status of project

Are the conclusions and work reported correct and valid? A successful proposal needs to establish that the project or case study is well developed. If you can demonstrate concrete results that are supported by data or results your proposal is more likely to be accepted.

Technical content   

Make sure that you state the objectives and scope of the project, the conditions under which the data was obtained, the procedures or methodology you used, and the conclusions.

Benefits and significance

What are the benefits of the project? What is its significance for your local area, country or other countries in your region?


Is the proposal clearly set out and understandable? The committee will consider the quality of the proposal as indicative of the quality of the final presentation. It is therefore in your interests to prepare your proposal with care, organise your material well, write clearly in plain English or Russian and prepare your graphics professionally and make sure your information is accurate and up-to-date.