Visit Wageningen: 10 sights and attractions in the area of As2021

When you visit the Netherlands for As2021, you have quite a bit of free time to spend during the conference days. And there is plenty to do and to see in the area of congress city Wageningen. We list 10 sights and attractions for you (in random order).

The 10 sights and attractions are in random order. The list contains some major tourist attractions, but also smaller typical Dutch sights. They are all within a relatively short distance of the Wageningen International Conference Center (WICC).

1 – Mill ‘De Vlijt’

Where? Harnjesweg 54a in Wageningen (850 meters from the WICC)

Why? Nice example of an old Dutch mill. The mill was built in 1879 and is still one of the most productive professionally pumped wind mills in the Netherlands. In the mill a shop has been set up with more than 200 flour and regional products.

2 – The ‘Wageningse Geul’

Where? Aan de Rijn in Wageningen (1,4 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? De Wageningse Geul is part of nature reserve ‘Rijnvallei’. It has rivers along dams and floodplains; a more Dutch landscape is hardly conceivable.

3 – National Park ‘De Hoge Veluwe’

Where? Houtkampweg 9 in Otterlo (22 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? De Hoge Veluwe National Park is the largest actively managed nature reserve in the Netherlands. It plays a crucial role in the Dutch Nature Network. The park has a large diversity of biotopes, with many protected and rare species. You can walk or cycle through it.

4 – Dutch Open Air Museum

Where? Hoeferlaan 4 in Arnhem (21 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? This museum captures the history of the Netherlands in authentic buildings, objects and true stories. You travel through time, from 2 centuries ago until very recently.

5 – Wageningen City

Where? 100 meters from the WICC

Why? The historic center of Wageningen is a small mecca for shoppers. In the typical side streets you will find a wide range of surprising shops, cozy cafes and special restaurants. Wageningen center also offers options for music, dance, film and theater.

6 – Ouwehands Animalpark

Where? Grebbeweg 111 in Rhenen (6 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? In Ouwehands Zoo you really get to know animals by meeting them up close. Sharpen your senses and get ready for precious encounters.

7. Burgers Zoo

Where? Antoon van Hooffplein 1 in Arnhem (21 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? You can experience 45 hectares of animal park. Burgers ’Zoo distinguishes itself from other animal parks by its eco-displays, where large-scale natural living environments have been recreated, of which the visitor is part of together with nature and animals.

8 – War Museum

Where? Kemperbergerweg 780 in Arnhem (21 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? This museum looks back on the Second World War and its huge impact on the Netherlands.

9 – Liberation Route

Where? Start at Bowlespark 1 in Wageningen (1,4 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? Follow a part of the Liberation Route by bycicle (typicle Dutch) and get to know the special milestones that are part of the advance of the Allies. The international memorial route takes you to several important monuments in Wageningen where you can experience the history yourself.

10 – Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

Where? Bronland 4 in Wageningen (4,5 kilometers from the WICC)

Why? The WUR is a very important place arsenic research. The WUR has more than 6,500 employees and 12,000 students from more than a hundred countries. They work in the domain of healthy food and living environment all over the world, both for governments and for business.